Winning on Amazon: Get Your Inventory in Order

Whether you are a small business owner thinking of extending your business online, or tinkering with the idea of jumping into a retail arbitrage business using Amazon FBA, then the most important lessons you will learn are going to involve inventory.

From product selection to pricing, inventory for e-commerce website and Amazon store owners alike will require serious commitments in time, attention, and effort on your part.

Having worked with lots of e-commerce store owners who want to expand their business, the biggest challenge is always inventory. Increasing sales, selling items more quickly, or finding the right combination of items to offer to attract more customers are among the top concerns e-commerce clients of mine consistently express, and for good reason.  The right products offered at competitive prices that bring customers back to buy more is the secret sauce for many e-commerce store owners, and for Amazon FBA sellers, too.

But there is a big difference in the impact that inventory can have on an independently operated e-commerce website vs. an Amazon Seller Central store. On Amazon, you have to play by their rules, and many of their rules are specifically focused on inventory, including how it ships, what Amazon FBA will ship, how it is priced, how it is managed, and how it impacts your rankings.


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There are many inventory-related issues that can impact your rank and success on Amazon.  There are also many ways to promote your Amazon store and products. One of the most important lessons I have learned (and watched others learn) is to run successful promotions and maintain healthy rank, it is necessary to mitigate as many inventory issues as possible, and as quickly as possible on Amazon.  If you can’t ship, you can’t sell.  If you can’t fulfill orders, especially during a promotion, then these issues will without question have a negative impact on your Amazon business.  Amazon takes sales, revenue, and its customers’ satisfaction in particular very seriously.

So whether you are considering Amazon as a ‘side hustle’ opportunity to make some extra cash, or are trying to build a successful store that grows and prospers over time, do yourself a favor and take your inventory seriously. Whether you are selling private label products or engaging in retail arbitrage, attention to detail, constant monitoring, and customer service and delivery are going to be critical components throughout your Amazon experience.

So choose your products carefully, and manage your inventory closely.  Inventory will help you lay a strong foundation for your future success on Amazon.  It may seem a little overwhelming at first, but the sooner you master and take control of your inventory on Amazon and get your sourcing in order, the sooner you will begin to see the financial success you savor.

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